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Source : The Sun newspaper - January 31, 2002; Translated by Dawn on January 31, 2002

Vivian was in a good mood; She was trying on jeans in Causeway Bay

Vivian said she would be in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.

Last night at about 8 o'clock, Vivian was by herself walking around shopping in Causeway Bay. Vivian wore light makeup. Vivian entered the same export store twice; it's because she (nickname "Thrifty Girl") discovered a jean that she liked. Although she didn't buy the jeans after she tried them on, she still stayed in the shop for close to 10 minutes.

Comparing Charlie Yeung w/ her made her feel embarrassed
Vivian was a bit startled when the reporter tried to interview her after she walked out of the store. Although she stated that she didn't want to have an interview, she was still in a good mood and politely stopped to say a few words with the reporter. Regarding the media making a comparison between the lifestyles of the 2 generations of Jade Girls, Vivian and Charlie Yeung, Vivian was a bit embarrassed and smiled a little, but she did not answer the question.

When asking her about how she's been lately and if she has seen her good and long-time friend, Chris Wong Hoi Kan, Vivian said, "I keep in touch with him, but not as much recently. (Reporter: Did he return to Hong Kong?) I don't think so. When I contact him, I'll ask him. (Reporter: Are you staying in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year?) Yes!"

Also, the reporter asked Vivian if she would be attending Lam Man Yi's upcoming concert. Vivian said Lam Man Yi hasn't contacted her.

Source : The Sun newspaper - January 30, 2002; Translated by Dawn on January 30, 2002

Two generations of Jade Girls have a different fate; Vivian is enjoying tea

Vivian has left the entertainment circle for several years. She's currently enjoying a happy, worry-free, peaceful lifestyle.

The 2 generations of Jade Girls in the music industry, Vivian Chow and Charlie Yeung, both retired when they were at the highest point of their careers. Both are living a lifestyle that they enjoy. But their fate is totally opposite of each other. Charlie's business is in deep trouble and creditors are at her door asking for money, but Vivian is living like a housewife who is relaxing and calm!

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was at the Pacific Place Shopping Center in Admiralty and happened to see Vivian peacefully enjoying afternoon tea with a female friend. Although Vivian was all dressed in black, with light makeup on, she still looked like a celebrity. So as not to disturb the mood of Vivian and her friend, the reporter waited until after her friend paid the bill and was about ready to leave before doing the interview. But Vivian smiled and politely declined the interview saying, "Sorry, I won't accept any interviews from the media." However, she agreed to let the reporter take a picture. The reporter tried to slip in a question asking her if she would be traveling somewhere for fun during Chinese New Year. She politely smiled and said, "I will be in Hong Kong." After she said that, she turned around and left with her friend.

Source : Oriental Sunday magazine #215 - January 24, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac on January 27, 2002

Vivian walking around at Lei Si shopping center, being thrifty and bought a HK$200 clothing

These past few years Vivian seldom appeared in public. However, she often walks around at the Lei Si shopping center. If fans want to see her, then they should walk around there when they have free time.

Vivian, the former Jade Girl Master, would seldom be seen in public after she stepped out of the entertainment circle. But the reporter for this magazine was lucky to see Vivian at a store that sells clothes for young people at the Lei Si shopping center. Vivian had little makeup on and was dressed casually walking around shopping. Although she's 36 years old, (Note: reporter made a mistake...Viv just turned 34 in November...she's NOT 36!) she still looks the same as before. Besides having a fit body, her skin is white and smooth, and what's most important is that her spirit is still good and pure; it's really impressive. When this reporter revealed his identity, Vivian politely greeted him. Although she declined to have an interview, her friendly attitude really made this reporter not want to get angry with her. Afterwards, Vivian concentrated on choosing some clothing and tried on several of them at one time. After half an hour, she thought it over and finally decided to buy one top that was a single color; it looked quite simple; the price of it was around HK$200 (US$26). It looks like Vivian has not changed her 'thrifty girl' character.

The shop that Vivian was shopping at has affordable prices. An ordinary sweater is around HK$100.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - January 12, 2002; Translated by Dawn and Mac

Learning painting for one year and defeated 700 skillful people;
Vivian Chow's water color painting of people was chosen to be in an exhibition

(picture taken in 2000)

Vivian's painting "Looking at the Past, Looking Towards the Future" was chosen to be in the first "China Water Color Painting of People Exhibition."

Vivian's painting instructor Shum Ping highly complimented Vivian for painting w/ accuracy (can control the brush very well).

From being Jade Girl Master and now becoming an artist (an artist who paints/draws), Vivian's recent painting "Looking at the Past, Looking Towards the Future" has defeated 700 competitors from China and was chosen to be in the first "China Water Color Painting of People Exhibition." Vivian has practiced painting for only a short amount of time of one year, but the results are good.

Vivian left the entertainment circle in '97 and has recently focused on practicing water color painting. Although she's practiced painting for only a brief time of just a little more than one year, her artwork has been recognized by several painting masters.

Last month, Vivian's painting "Old Man from San Geung" was displayed in the "New Vision: Water Based Media Paintings" exhibition at the HK Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui, and this painting won the "New Vision Award." Recently with a painting called "Looking at the Past, Looking Towards the Future," Vivian defeated 700 artists from China by having her painting chosen to be in the first "China Water Color Painting of People Exhibition," and the results were quite good.

Praised for being very talented
Vivian's water color instructor, Shum Ping, is the Vice President of the Hong Kong Artists (an artist who paints/draws) Association and is also the chief secretary of the Hong Kong/Shanghai Artists Association. Yesterday, when he was interviewed at his North Point art studio, he said, "The first 'China Water Color Painting of People Exhibition' was being presented by the China Artists Association at the Lo Shuen Arts Center. There were a total of 880 paintings that tried to be in this exhibition, with artists from China, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. Nineteen judges chose 140 of those paintings to be in the exhibition after 3 rounds of judging, and Vivian's painting 'Looking at the Past, Looking Towards the Future' was one of those paintings."

Although Vivian didn't win a big award at this exhibition, painting instructor Shum Ping thought that it was already very difficult for Vivian to have such achievements of being able to defeat more than 100 other painting masters to have her painting chosen to be in the exhibition, with her painting being only 1 of 4 paintings that were made by artists from Hong Kong. Instructor Shum said, "Actually she's only learned painting for a little more than a year. Beforehand, she learned from Law Jui Saan to paint Chinese paintings, and when she was young she already had a big interest in painting/drawing. Therefore after learning Chinese painting, she wanted to learn water color painting."

Being modest, says she's still at a learning stage
Regarding Vivian's artwork, Instructor Shum continuously praised and complimented her, saying, "She puts a lot of time and effort into her paintings, and the ablility to make a name for herself in the field of art is high. She's very accurate in painting (can control the brush very well). By having these skills, I encouraged her to try and participate in the exhibition. But although Vivian has such good achievements, she's quite modest, saying she's still at a learning stage!" Instructor Shum hopes that Vivian's success could inspire more people to learn water painting.

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