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Source : Next Magazine #554 - October 19, 2000; Translated by Dawn and Mac on November 14, 2000

Joe Ngai goes to the USA to study law ; Vivian is taking care of her mom and can't study w/ him

Even though Vivian and Joe have been together for many years, outsiders have always thought that their relationship wouldn't last, therefore rumors about them separating would often appear.

Even though Vivian and Joe Ngai are very low key, rumors about them getting married or separating would often appear. For example, when Vivian was in HK these past few months and Joe didn't appear in public, then right away there was news that they broke up.

Actually they are both still together. It's just that Joe is willing to learn and a while ago got a degree in psychology. These few months he went to the USA to study law. But why didn't Vivian go to school with Joe? It's because Vivian's mom had heart surgery 2 years ago, and she wanted to show some care, so when she has free time, she stays in HK with her mom!

Source : Express Weekly #113 - October 26, 2000; Translated by Dawn
(Note: Do NOT believe everything the reporters write!!!!! Read this article for entertainment purposes's NOT true!!! So don't worry about their relationship and don't get your hopes up that Viv is coming back to showbiz.)

9 year relationship broke apart, Vivian Chow and Joe Ngai have separated

For Joe Ngai, Vivian has retired for several years, and right now, her love relationship has ended. The past Jade Girl Master has decided to come back to the entertainment biz to support herself.

Vivian lived with her mom at 'Gam Saan Fa Yuen.'






Being away from Hong Kong entertainment for 3 years, Jade Girl Master Vivian recently returned to HK and is planning on going into the entertainment biz again.(NOT true!!!) Why would Vivian make this big decision? It's because she and Joe Ngai have secretly separated last month (NOT true!!!), ending their 9 year relationship!

Returning to HK and returning to old residence
Former Jade Girl Master Vivian has for some years frequently returned to HK for a small trip to visit her mom, so this time when she returned, she didn't catch many people's attention. But this time Vivian's return to HK has a big difference, because Vivian has recently separated from Joe. The 2 people have officially ended their 9 year relationship.(NOT true!!!) Vivian's good friend said, "It's true that Vivian has returned to HK. I believe she will be staying in HK for a long time.(really??... 2-3 months is considered 'a long time'?? I don't think so.) Her love relationship lifestyle is not convenient to expose. As for saying if she has separated, that is her own private matter. As for the unhappy moments of her love life, Vivian has always never said it out loud. Her happy and unhappy moments are only felt by herself."

Good friends support her return to the entertainment biz
Vivian returned to HK by herself. She was living with her mom at 'Gam Saan Fa Yuen,' while Joe continued to live in Vancouver hiding/isolating himself from others. Even though Vivian and Joe have separated (NOT true!!!), they still care about each other. Their separation was delt with on a low key manner, and they did not say anything to the close people they knew. Even most of Vivian's friends that she keeps in touch with were unaware of this. As for whether or not Vivian would return to showbiz, this good friend wanted to say something more, but just stopped. Her friend's final words were, "My friends and I greatly support Vivian. If she were to return to showbiz, we would definitely raise our hands and agree." A reporter tried to contact Vivian's very good friend Hacken Lee to see whether it was true that Vivian would be coming back to showbiz, but unfortunately, Hacken has not replied.

Back then, Vivian bought two 900 square feet flats at 'Gam Saan Fa Yuen' at the same time, w/ one flat for herself and one for her mom.

Living secretly for 3 years using up all money savings
At the end of November 1997, Vivian officially left the entertainment biz, and w/ love obtained, she went to Vancouver to live, concentrating on being Joe's 'follower girlfriend' with a relaxing lifestyle. Although they have been living together for a few years, everyone thought that Vivian had a lifestyle like a housewife, but this is not the case. All along Vivian has been taking care of herself and Joe hasn't taken care of Vivian's financial matters. After 3 years of a peaceful lifestyle, Vivian has already used up most of her money savings.(Hmm...with Viv's thrifty characteristic, I highly doubt this is true) Now since her relationship w/ her boyfriend has changed, she is possibly thinking of returning to showbiz.(nothing has changed, so I don't think she's thinking about returning to showbiz anytime soon)

Because of Joe, Vivian retired
1986    Took part in a RTHK DJ competition and entered showbiz.

1989    Joe Ngai openly courting Vivian

1991    Thomas Chan Dak Jeung announced his separation w/ Vivian. By chance, someone saw Vivian and Joe having dinner together. On another point, TVB actor Canti Lau Sek Ming openly announced that he had good feelings towards Vivian and then Joe attacked Canti w/ his writing.

1992    Rumors that Vivian separated w/ Joe.

1994    Rumors that Vivian has a Japanese boyfriend.

1996    Vivian and Joe went together to San Francisco, w/ rumors of marriage.

1997    Travelled to Japan w/ Joe, Vivian gave hints many times that she would retire from showbiz. The same year in November, Vivian went to USA's Atlantic City for a concert, officially announcing her retirement. (Viv's FINAL concert took place in Las Vegas. She has NEVER officially said, "I've retired.")

1998    Vivian and Joe living together in Vancouver.

2000    Vivian suddenly returns to HK, w/ rumors that she and Joe have separated. ('suddenly' returning to HK??...I wouldn't consider that as being sudden. It's expected that she would be returning. If you've been keeping up-to-date w/ Viv's news, then you should have already discovered which time periods Viv would likely be in HK.)

Source : Next Magazine #552 - October 5, 2000; Translated by Dawn and Mac on October 19, 2000

Vivian Chow showing her 'Haan Mui' (Thrifty Girl) characteristic

Wai Ga Fai had asked Vivian to appear in "Greed of Man 2000" to portray 'Haan Mui,' yet Vivian was firm on her decision and didn't come back to the entertainment circle.

Many people said Tsu Jing Lui, the China actress who acts as 'Haan Mui' in the new ATV series 'Greed of Man 2000,' isn't as good as the original 'Haan Mui' character that was played by Vivian Chow. If you need to compare, there's just no comparison, because in real life, Vivian is a 100% 'Haan Mui'.

For example, on last Tuesday, someone saw Vivian and a female friend go walking at Sogo's female clothing section. Even though she wore heavy makeup and didn't put on lip stick, her '50 years never changing' hair style would make it easy to recognize that it's Vivian. There were many customers at Sogo before dinner time. Vivian seems like she's not interested in brand name stuff. She was only interested in T-shirts and she tried on 8 to 10 of them, but in the end she didn't buy one at all, fully displaying her thrifty characteristic. With this said, who else do you think could be better as the character of 'Haan Mui'?

Source : Ming Pao Weekly #1661 - September 9, 2000; Translated by Dawn and Mac on October 19, 2000

Go to karaoke with friends, only watching the screen, Vivian won't let go of the mike

Without paying close attention, it's already been 3 years since Vivian left the music industry, but don't think that she didn't keep her love of singing. A while ago, she went to play at a karaoke with Linda Wong, Hacken Lee, Emily Lo (Hacken's girlfriend), and others.

Most of the time when people go to karaoke, they would sing and would also play with other 'things', for example guessing the dice, 'chaai mui' (don't know how to translate this into's the game where you make hand gestures), drink beer, or talk with friends who have problems, etc. But when Vivian goes to karaoke, once she sits down, she would take the mike and would sing non-stop, with her eyes only focused on the tv screen and wouldn't care about doing other karaoke 'things'. She wouldn't even feel thirsty and she wouldn't eat or drink. As for playing 'chaai mui' or guessing the dice, those would definitely not be seen. They would be sitting for several hours, with Vivian just singing and singing and singing.

Her friends who went to play with her would feel really lucky, since from the beginning to the end, they could see Vivian perform her singing. From this we can see that Vivian is still interested in singing. If she is willing to sing openly in public again, not only would her friends be able to hear her sing, her fans would enjoy it, too. It would be great news for fans who have supported her all this time.

Created by Janice Lo (nickname Dawn)
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