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Source : Next magazine #550 - September 21, 2000; Translated by Mac on September 26, 2000

Battle between 'Haan Mui' from two different generations.
Tsu Jing Lui vs Vivian Chow

Tsu Jing Lui

Tsu Jing Lui has to portray 2 roles in 'Greed of Man 2000.' Besides training on her acting, she also has to prepare to be compared with Vivian.

Vivian portrayed 'Haan Mui' really well 10 years ago (should be less than was shown in '92), and lots of people gave praise on that.









"Greed of Man 2000" has been aired for over a week (on ATV, not TVB), with the average rating of 11 points, and the stock market had lost 1500 points. Besides the "Ding Haai Effect," (which causes the stock market to drop dramatically) another thing that people are talking about on this show is that the new 'Haan Mui' (thrifty girl) is worse than her predecessor. (of course! Nobody can act as the role of 'Haan Mui' better than Vivian!!)

There were rumors about Wai Ka Fei, the producer of "Greed of Man 2000," finding Vivian Chow to portray this legendary role. However, the 2nd generation Haan Mui, named Siu Guk, is portrayed by Tsu Jing Lui, a 26 year-old actress from China, and her appearance in the series is comparable with Amy Kwok Hoi Ming and Alice Chan Wai. Yet, this girl has a solid background, and the producer is proud of her, so that's why she can take the role.

The producer never contacted Vivian
As there were rumors about the producer finding Vivian Chow to appear in "Greed of Man 2000," producer Wai denied it. "I haven't thought of getting Vivian to portray 'Haan Mui,' since from the very beginning I am hoping to find an actress from China to portray the role. Tsu's acting is so natural and real life, and she could get along with the colleagues from Hong Kong, so that's why I picked her to portray Siu Guk."

'Si Je' of Vicki Chiu Mei
Although Tsu Jing Lui is not famous in Hong Kong, but she's the 'si je' (a girl that went to the same school and is in a higher grade level) of Vicki Jiu, graduating at Beijing Movie College 2 years earlier than Vicki. She already appeared in lots of movies and TV series in China and was named as one of the 'Big 4 actresses' along with Vicki and the other two actresses.

Not afraid of being compared with Vivian
As Vivian portrayed the role so well, Tsu said she doesn't feel any pressure. "She (Vivian) is beautiful and her acting skills are good too. But the role I am taking is another character. In the first three episodes, Siu Mui (aka Haan Mui... ATV couldn't use the same character names as the TVB "Greed of Man," cuz the names were copyrighted) is the original role, but she passed away very fast. Later on, Siu Guk is the new character that I portray and will develop a relationship with Lau Ching Wan. Therefore, there is a difference. I won't pretend to be Vivian, and I'm not afraid of others making a comparison between us."

"Greed of Man 2000" got an 11 point rating, and the producer feels satisfied. Yet there was a report about Tsu Jing Lui not being as attractive as Vivian. Wai Ka Fei tells his own view. "You got to look at the whole thing. All the characters are different from the original "Greed of Man" (made in 1992), and it is unfair to compare between them. Also, Tsu's role is from China, and she would speak Mandarin in the series. I believe this would make a good effect. Her tearful relationship with Lau Ching Wan would become more attractive as the series rolls on, and I believe the rating would raise to 20 points."

Comparison between the two 'Haan Mui' characters

Vivian Chow
Birthdate: 11/20/1967
Age: 32
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 114 lb (not varies)
Measurements: 35, 25, 35
Education: Form 7
Awards: Most popular foreign artist (Japan) (93)

    Top Ten Hong Kong drama stars (Taiwan) (93)
    Top Ten Singers in Asia (95)

Tsu Jing Lui
Birthdate: 4/16/1974
Age: 26
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 108 lb
Measurements: 33, 25, 35
Education: Graduated at Movie College at Beijing
Awards: 6th place, Top 10 Focus stars (99)

    7th annual Movie Performance Association Award (99)
    Top Four Actresses in China (00)

Source : Sudden Weekly magazine #265 - August 26, 2000; Translated by Porsche
(Note: Do NOT assume that the 'grandma' mentioned in this article is actually Vivian's grandma. Just because reporters say the elderly lady is Vivian's grandma does NOT mean that she is really Vivian's grandma. The reporters know nothing about her family. It's best just to assume that the elderly lady is one of her relatives.

Vivian being a good granddaughter, invited her grandma to have dinner

Vivian came out from the restaurant, and her body shape didn't have a big change.

Vivian came out with a young girl and immediately held on to her grandma's hand to help her walk.

Vivian knows how to make her grandma happy, as the two of them laughed while walking.

Vivian carefully helped her grandma get into the taxi.

Vivian Chow, who hasn't been seen for awhile, still lives happily and would go shopping and have dinner with her family and friends when she's free. On the 18th of this month, Vivian invited her grandma and her relative to have dinner at a restaurant located at Happy Valley. Vivian helped and cared for her grandma.

Since Vivian knows how to take care of elderly people, it's no wonder her boyfriend Joe Ngai would like her alot, and also there are rumors about them getting married this year.


Vivian really has a kind heart, not only for animals, but also for her family. As everyone knows, Vivian is a good girl. Besides buying a flat at Gam Saan Fa Yuen as her home and love nest with Joe, she also bought another flat for her mother, for the convenience of taking care of her.

Other than her mother, Vivian also treats elderly people well. At around 7PM on the 18th of this month, the reporters spotted Vivian at a restaurant near her home at Happy Valley. Vivian dressed casually, wearing sunglasses, and didn't wear any makeup. Yet, she still looks pretty, and her body is still in good shape. Accompanying her is her grandma as well as a young girl in her 20s, who is believed to be Vivian's relative.

They left the restaurant after finishing their dinner. Since Vivian's grandma had problems walking, she had to use a stick to help on balancing her body. Vivian, the good grandchild, gave her grandma a little push to help her move and also told a few jokes to make her happy.

Finally, after getting her grandma into the taxi, she went back to her home.

After waving her hand happily and saying goodbye to her grandma, Vivian went back to her home at 'Gold Mountain Garden' (Gam Saan Fa Yuen) .

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - August 26, 2000; Translated by Porsche
Vivian will design clothes for pets to raise funds
Vivian won't hesitate to protect the abandoned animals.

When news about dogs getting abused at construction sites got exposed awhile ago, besides catching the attention of artists who like pets, it also caught the attention of the pet food stores. The pet food stores contacted HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals) and donated some pet food. Vivian is the spokesperson of the organization, and Chow Wei Wei is one of the founders of the organization.

To raise funds for the Organization
Chan Suk Lan, the PR for HKSAA, said in a phone interview that after the media talked about the incident, the public started to care about the abandoned animals. "Yet we are short of operation funds now. Therefore, we are planning to hold many fund raising events. Right now what's in mind is to hold a man/pet fashion show. Vivian, Jessica Suen Huen, and other artists would design clothes for the pets, and these clothes would be auctioned."

Source : Ta Kung Pao newspaper - August 21, 2000; Translated by Porsche
Followup on Hacken's previous comments about Vivian's marriage
(abridged version of actual article)

Since there was a report about Hacken revealing that Vivian got married, Hacken said he's innocent. He already explained that it's not true that Vivian is already married, just like a while ago when Lui Fong said he was already married. It's only a matter of miscommunication. He already explained all of this to Vivian, and Vivian understands everything. He hopes this wouldn't affect their friendship.

Source : Show - August 20, 2000; Translated by Porsche
Hacken Lee said Vivian is already married
Hacken carelessly mentioned about Vivian already being married and tried to get around his mistake in a hurry.

Hacken Lee would do a show for TVB in October, and he will invite some female artists who are his friends to be his guests. When the reporters asked if he would invite Vivian, Hacken said this without thinking "No, she is already married. I don't know. (ooops!...looks like Hacken just said something he shouldn't have said...and now he's trying to get around it by saying he doesn't know) I can only say she would leave HK in October. In fact, she wanted to get married since she was 18 years old. I really don't know when she will get married."

Hacken doesn't know when Vivian will get married, yet does he know about when is his turn? "If the new TV series reached 60 points rating." 60 points (3,800,000 viewers)? If Hacken really means it, his girl friend Emily Lo won't be able to get married in her lifetime.

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - August 20, 2000; Translated by Porsche
Hacken Lee said Vivian will get married soon

When Hacken and Flora Chan appeared at the function, Hacken said Vivian and Joe will get married soon.

Vivian and Joe have been together for many years.

Mrs. President, Hacken Lee, Cass Pang, Flora Chan, and other artists appeared at a function which was held in a hotel yesterday. When Hacken was having an interview, all of a sudden he mentioned that Vivian, his good friend, will get married soon. "Miss Chow will get married soon. It's real! When? Oh, I don't know. I had dinner with her and my friend. I mean she wanted to get married when she was 18. How about me? I will get married immediately when my new TV series reached 60 points in ratings."

They are low key people
We also contacted Pak Wan Kam, who is a friend of Joe's, and tried to check if Joe and Vivian are really getting married. "Haha...they would get married in Canada if it's real!" she said. "But the possibilities are very low." (So are they getting married?) "I won't let you guys (the reporters) know if it's real. They are the low key type of people and have been together for a long time, and so they don't need to do this kind of thing."

Source : Apple Daily newspaper - August 19, 2000; Translated by Mac
Psychos abused dogs at construction site; Stars made angry comments
Chow Yun Fat said it's crazy; Vivian feels heart-broken
(abridged version of actual article)

Vivian feels sad about the dogs getting abused, and she would follow-up on the news.

Vivian is a member of HKSAA.

The dogs at a construction site got abused violently by people without a heart. Some dogs got beaten to death and some even got their bones exposed! The dogs ate very little food and were given left-overs from the workers' meals. The most serious act of abuse is ... be warned ... the dog got beaten up and its penis almost got chopped off! (Talk about an inhumane and heartless act!!!) The dog was sent to heaven due to its heavy wounds, and even the vet couldn't save it. This incident caught the attention of the Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals (HKSAA), the department of gaming and fishing, and those stars who loved animals. Chow Yun Fat called those people psycho ('bin taai'), and Vivian feels very sad about it.

Vivian concerned about the incident
As a member of HKSAA, Vivian feels sad and concerned. "I will talk with HKSAA about this incident and express my concern. At this point I won't make any comments, since it is still not totally clear about what happened." Vivian said she will call up HKSAA as soon as possible and hope they could help these animals.

Also, Mark, the person in charge at HKSAA, said that he is happy about the public being concerned about the incident. "Vivian and I decided to have a meeting immediately and to decide on how to take care of these abused dogs. Yet, because runaway dogs are under the care of the government, it has become a sensitive problem. However, we will take care of it as soon as possible."

Source : Oriental Daily - August 2, 2000; Translated by Mac on August 7, 2000
Shopping at Central and only buying on-sale items, Vivian showed off her "Haan Mui" spirit

Vivian showed off her "Haan Mui" spirit, buying clothes at stores that have sales.

Next stop for Haan Mui is Millie's, which has the "buy 2 get one free" promotion.

The role of "Haan Mui" (Thrifty Girl) made Vivian famous, and in real life, Vivian also knows how to save money. Yesterday Vivian went shopping at Central with her friend. She didn't wear any makeup, wearing all black clothes. She only shopped at the stores which had prices in the middle range, and especially those that had sales. She bought clothes at O.Z.O.C., and then bought a dress at Moiselle, which has 50% off, then bought shoes at Mille's, which has the "buy 2 get one free" deal.

When the reporters asked when she would get married, Vivian smiled and said, "Sorry! I won't do an interview today." Yet, she didn't even show up on the event that was held by HKSAA (Hong Kong Society for Abandoned Animals) even though she is the ambassador of the association. Does she really want to fade out from the entertainment biz? Vivian said, "Sorry, I really don't want to do an interview. You can go ask the people at SAA about it. Sorry!" Being asked what she bought while shopping, Vivian only replied with a smile.

Vivian is walking with her friend, and she turned her face to evade the reporter.

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