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Source : Oriental Daily - April 27, 2000; Translated by Mac
Vivian refused to talk about the rumors of Joe and her having a brother-sister like love relationship.
Wearing casual clothes and heavy makeup, feeling good shopping around.

The rain kept falling and stopping yesterday, but it couldn't stop Vivian from shopping around, and she seemed to be feeling good.

Ruby Yiu talked about how Joe dated her before. She said Joe mentioned that his relationship with Vivian was just like a brother and sister.

Master Jade Girl Vivian Chow has disappeared for awhile after the HKSAA event back in February. Yet, although the weather was not stable and there was rain from time to time, it still couldn't stop Vivian from shopping. Yesterday the reporters spotted Vivian in the Galleria mall at Central, and she refused to respond to previous news about Ruby Yiu pointing out that the relationship between Vivian and Joe is just like a "brother and sister" relationship.

Looking shocked
At around 4:00PM, Vivian was walking alone and was dressed casually, but wore heavy makeup on her face. She went to DKNY first to shop, and then went to IT. As she stepped out from the store, the reporters rushed forward to do the interview. Vivian seemed shocked at first, but she didn't refuse the reporters.

The reporters asked about the rumor about Joe Ngai: "Ruby Yiu said Joe told her that his relationship with you is just like a brother and sister. Is that true?"

Vivian didn't seem to be mad. "Sorry, I didn't prepare to do an interview today..." It seems like she really trusts Joe.

Didn't lessen her joy
"How's the love between you and Joe? When you will get married? Will you come back to sing or act?" After all these questions, Vivian still didn't make any response. She said politely, "I won't do any interviews. Sorry, I have to go ..."

Before she vanished in the crowd, Vivian let the reporters take pictures, and then continued to shop around. It seems like the reporters didn't diminish her joy of shopping.

Source : Oriental Daily - February 28, 2000; Translated by Mac
More than half of the net fans support Vivian Chow
Taiwan TVBS poll on "Which female artist do you want to see the most?"

Vivian is still in good shape, beating out all other artists and becoming the most missed artist among the audience.
Vivian is still looking good as usual and has become a "Forever Jade Girl." There are many newcomers appearing and the competition is tight, but who is the one the audience wants to see the most? To find out the answer, Taiwan TVBS held a poll on their website regarding this matter. Yesterday the results were out. Vivian, Charlie Yeung, and Cherry Chung are the ones who the viewers want to see again. More than half of the voters voted for Vivian, which makes Vivian become the Jade Girl master in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Since so many fans still miss Vivian, she deserves to win this poll. Everyone agreed that she has the potential and sweet voice, which made her a Forever Jade Girl and Dream Lover. Days ago when Vivian appeared on the charity event, many male fans went crazy when they saw her on TV. Vivian retired because she wanted to have some love, so everyone gave their own best wishes. Some wish she and Joe would marry soon; some asked her to stay awake and don't be fooled by Joe, and don't follow the steps of Gloria Yip.

Besides Charlie Yeung and Cherry Chung, Lam Ching Ha, Lam Fung Giu (Jacky Chan's wife), and Gloria Yip also got lots of supporters. Someone said if Lam Fung Giu reappeared in public again, that may give Jacky Chan some hard time.

SF Chinese Radio; reported by Cha Siu Yan from HK's Commercial Radio 881 - 2/14/00; posted on 2/28/00

Source : Sudden Weekly #238, 2/19/00 (Translated by Wolverine ; news posted on 02/24/00)
Rumored to be Married Already -- Joe Ngai Accompanied Vivian Chow to Spend the New Year in Hong Kong

9th Brother said several days ago he went to the HK Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) function and saw Vivian Chow there. 9th Brother said Vivian dressed casually and welcomed everyone with a smile. She even lent a hand (literally, because she was fund raising with handshakes for a $40 donation).
Speaking of Vivian, Cousin Ling heard that she and Joe Ngai have already registered their marriage in America. 9th Brother said that would not be a surprise, because reportedly, Joe this year also accompanied Vivian to return to Hong Kong and spend the new year. 9th Brother even said that he could not have seen a happier Vivian. Of course, Vivian now lives a carefree life. When she has time she could do some charity and help the little animals. Earlier she worked on a promotional film for SAA. If she did not like the little animals, in terms of Vivian today, even if someone put a pile of gold in front of her as an offer to show her face once, she might not even acknowledge the person.

Source : Oriental Daily - February 15, 2000; Translated by Civic on February 24, 2000
Vivian doesn't want to discuss about Joe.
After a while, she still looks good and has a good figure.

Vivian is the Jade Girl Master for sure. Her looks and figure did not change at all. Her top figure is even better than before. It really makes everyone admire her.

Vivian hasn't been seen for a long time. When she appeared, she was surrounded by a large group of people.

Vivian teamed up with the group of actors from "Kindred Spirit," working hard to raise money for HKSAA. It really shows everyone's kindness.

Jade Girl Master Vivian appeared at the HKSAA fund raising event yesterday. For only HK$40 (US$5), you can take a picture with Vivian. Although Vivian was wearing a T-shirt with jeans, which covers her up pretty well, it still shows her good figure outline. With Vivian's good figure, it attracted a lot of attention, and many people stood in line waiting to take a picture with her. Actors from "Kindred Spirit" as well as Jessica Hsuen and Wong Hei also attended the fund raising event.

Wish to have a Happy Valentine's Day
Vivian made an acception to have an interview, but when reporters asked about her honey Joe, she still kept her mouth shut and did not say anything. This really made the reporter disappointed, and she wouldn't even say anything about if she was with Joe or not. She smiled sweetly and replied: "I am not going to tell you guys..". Even though Vivian didn't want to say, by looking at the way she responded and smiled, we can tell that Joe is with her back in HK. The reporter also asked her: "Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. What are you going to do?" Vivian said: "It's a secret. I wish everybody has a happy Valentine's Day." (So when are you going to get married?) "I don't know. This is my personal matter, and I will not announce it to the public. Thanks for caring." The only thing Vivian agreed to say is: "Recently I am doing fine. Most of the time I rest, go on the Internet, and read books."

Do something for the cats and dogs
Vivian does not want to talk about Joe at all, but when we asked about the HKSAA, she was talking non-stop and said: "I am a member of SAA and I really love animals. I have 2 dogs and I wish everyone loves animals like I do. Don't let go of the animal. Our association is still very poor. That's why all the fund raising is done by the members. We really need some kind people to help us out." (Will you do a show for the association to raise money?) "So far we don't have that plan yet. If necessary, I will think about it. Everyone just wants to help out and wants to do something for the cats and dogs." (Any other association provide help?) "So far we don't have any yet. You are welcome to get in touch with me." (Have you thought about making any movies?) "I have not thought about it yet."

Vivian was under the sun for almost 2 hours, working hard to raise money. After the event finished, she went to Central to have afternoon tea with her friend, but there was still no sign of Joe. When Vivian found out that she was being followed by the reporter, she paid the bill and left.

Source : Sun newspaper (Part 1) - February 15, 2000; Translated by Civic on February 24, 2000
Willing to raise money for the HKSAA
Vivian let people touch her hand for $40 each time.

Vivian has a lovely heart for caring. She held the dog with her arm. With the good care from big sister, that dog is really lucky!!

After taking a picture and getting Vivian's autograph, this little boy also shook hands with Vivian. He really got the 'deal.'

Yesterday Vivian showed up for the HKSAA to raise funds for the association. Vivian was willing to let the public get close to her. For only HK$40 (US$5) you can take a picture with Vivian and touch her hand (shake hands with her).

During the Chinese New Year, Vivian came back from Canada to HK to visit relatives. Yesterday she attended the HKSAA fund raising event with several other stars. For only $40, people could shake hands with her, get autographs, and take pictures.

Will think about attending shows for fund raising
Vivian was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. The Jade Girl image is still like in the past and it seems like her figure is even better than before. A tight T-shirt shows Vivian's good figure, and her good figure even looks better than before. No wonder why so many guys are lining up to "pay" for taking pictures with Vivian.

Yesterday many fans brought their albums with them to let Vivian sign it. It looks like they still give Vivian their full support. Although Vivian left the entertainmant business for a while, after the AD for the HKSAA, rumors said that she would return. When we asked Vivian about if she is going to return or not, she said: "So far I never thought of returning, but I will think about attending some of the shows which is designed for fund raising."

Wants to set up an animal hospital
When asked about why she decided to promote HKSAA, she said: "It's because I am a club member, and I also like animals very much. When I saw an animal was left alone I feel really upset. That's why I support this association to accept those homeless cats and dogs. I really want to set up an animal hospital during April which is open for 24 hours. So far we are still HK$100,000 short. As a member, that's why I showed up to help HKSAA."

Vivian's thinking is really smart. She acted as a real life background scenery, but there is a charge for $40 per person.

Source : Sun newspaper (Part 2) - February 15, 2000; Translated by Civic on February 24, 2000
Where will Vivian and Joe go during Valentine's Day?
Vivian: "Secret!"

Joe Ngai
Vivian just came back to HK from Canada and was asked by the reporter if Joe was with her in HK. Her face suddenly turned red and replied: "I am not going to tell you...this is my secret!" ( where are you going with Joe during Valentine's Day?) "I don't is also a secret. I can't tell you." (Did you receive any flowers?) "Did you receive any? If you did not receive any, then I did not receive any either!"
When she was asked if she was still enjoying the life style of falling in love and not planning to return to the entertainment business, she said: "In general, everything is fine, thanks for caring."

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