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Source : Entertainment TV - October 20, 1999; Translated by Bear on November 15, 1999
<----Picture: Even though Vivian left the entertainment circle for a long time, she still has the look of a Jade Girl.

Source : Express Weekly - October 14, 1999; Translated by Bear on November 15, 1999
Gigi Leung, who is being described as the heir of the Jade Girl, made her mark fall to the bottom after the affair (w/ Ekin); moreover, people are wondering if she could keep her Jade Girl image.

<---- 1st generation Jade Girl - Vivian Chow
Selling Point: Nice, and has a 'hoh lin' look (poor, have pity on, pitiful). Also her sweet voice killed lots of young guy's hearts, and her photo index was so high.

Source : Express Weekly - October 14, 1999; Translated by Bear on November 15, 1999
(literally) Jade Girl Coming Out from the Mountain
"Jade Girl Master" Vivian Chow and James Wong Jim went to the concert "Jik Dak Fai Wong Live! Creative Person Concert" together. Will Vivian feel like singing again when she sees people singing on stage?

<---Picture: Vivian and James go to the concert, but didn't take any questions from reporters. Of course, she doesn't have any new album to release!

Source : - October 11, 1999
No article, only pictures

Source : UDN News (Taiwan) - October 10, 1999; Translated by Bear
Vivian Chow only has 'Joe' in her heart.

Vivian appeared at the concert tribute, sitting next to James Wong in the first row, and talking with each other.
            Gigi Leung, the Hong Kong Jade Girl of the 90s, got blamed as she fell into the affair between Ekin Cheng and Maggie Siu. Gigi's action on looking for "true love" made her as the "third person" in the affair. Vivian Chow, the Jade Girl of the '80s, (Janice: the '80s??... that's totally wrong. Viv should be the Jade Girl of the '90s) was reunited with Joe Ngai after waves of relationship trouble. Now she is relaxing, living like a normal person, and enjoying her life.

Two days ago Vivian attended a concert tribute (to famous HK song writers and lyric writers). She sat with James Wong in the first row and talked with each other. The reporters gathered around her and did an interview (w/ the Taiwan reporter). (Viv denied interviews w/ HK reporters.) When the reporters said that the fans in Taiwan were missing her so much, Vivian looked shocked, but happy. She said her contract with the record company already expired three years ago, and she didn't renew it. She said she wanted to learn something in order to improve herself. Being asked what she would learn, Vivian said it's not the time to answer this question.

Vivian and Joe had been together for many years. For a period of time, Vivian felt disappointed with him, and they separated for a while. At that time, there were rumors saying that Vivian was dating a Japanese guy. Yet, after waves of troubles and ups and downs, Vivian and Joe came back together again. Vivian said she really likes her recent living style. Being asked will she get back on the stage and sing again, Vivian said she doesn't plan to sing again.

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - October 9, 1999; Translated by Civic
Vivian went to see a concert with James Wong. (abridged version of actual article)

<---Picture: James and Vivian attended a music show sponsored by Commercial Radio. He was laughing all the time and looked like the incident of swearing to "Fung Fung" (Hung Chiu Fung) didn't bother him.

Last night Vivian attended a music show with James Wong. After the show she stayed behind with James until he finished his interview. Unfortunately, she refused any interview.

Source : The Sun newspaper - October 9, 1999; Translated by Civic
Show face is better than showing flesh,
Vivian beat Kit chan. (abridged version of actual article)
After they finished watching the show, James Wong (Vivian's godfather) put his head on Vivian's shoulder and took a picture.
Although Vivian did not show up for a while, but she still has the style of a Jade Girl Master. Last night she attended the "Jik Dak Fai Wong Live! Creative Person Concert" and she caught a lot of attention.

Singers from Singapore, HK and Taiwan performed their best on stage. Out of many singers, Kit Chan and Valen Hsu were dressed in very sexy clothing. But all of the reporter's attention was still on Vivian.

Vivian did not give any interview. After the show Vivian hid in a room behind the stage, but she looked really happy. Before they left the concert, James Wong put his head on Vivian's shoulder and took a picture. James was laughing and joking that he was taking advantage of Vivian, and also he aided Vivian in escaping from the reporters. He said: " Vivian had a hair cut. You can't tell? She is a smart girl. She also cut my hair, too." After that he pulled Vivian away and left.

Source : Singtao newspaper - October 9, 1999; Translated by Bear
Vivian was watching a concert and running away from the media.

James's head on Vivian's shoulder.
Does he think that Joe wouldn't get mad?
            The "Live! Music Maker" tribute concert was held at Wan Chai Hall two days ago. The guests were the famous song writers and lyric writers: James Wong, Mark Lui, and Lam Jik. Koo Ka Fei couldn't make it back from Canada because he had personal business to do. Besides these three creative brains, there were also some new artists singing popular songs. Yet, the most attractive person in the show was Vivian Chow, and she brightened up the concert a lot. Vivian sat next to James and supported the singers on the stage. She also sang along while the big screen displayed the lyrics, and shook her body (danced).

The reporters wanted to do an interview with Vivian, but James shielded Vivian with his body. "Let's wait until Saturday," James said. He put his head on Vivian's shoulder. "Let me steal some smell [of perfume] first. [Her shoulder] is really comfortable! I can't cut my hair for months now!"

Source : The Sun newspaper - October 8, 1999; Translated by Bear
Vivian, the retired Jade Girl, holding her uncle's hand to watch the concert.
Vivian holding James's hand and going to watch the concert happily.
Vivian Chow, the first generation Jade Girl, was on the loose again last night, and she didn't mind to be a guest with someone to watch a concert at the new Wan Chai Hall.

Only a special person could invite Vivian to watch it. He is James Wong Jim, Joe Ngai's uncle. Vivian was holding James's hand when she was going into the hall. Yet, she didn't draw any attention from other people.

As usual, Vivian still has long hair and was wearing casual clothes. She was walking with James into the hall. James is one of the four people who the concert was paying tribute to. This was a 'Live Concert' by Commercial Radio, but it's a tribute concert for James Wong, Koo Ka Fei, Lam Jik, and Lam Mo Dak.

Vivian looked really shy after entering the hall. "I only came with James," Vivian said to a big crowd of reporters. The reporters still tried to ask her a few more questions, but Vivian shook her head: "Please don't!" ("m ho la!") And James helped to save her. "I was the one who asked her to come with me. Mr. Koo (Ka Fei) can't come with me so I asked Vivian."

Didn't get the attention from the audience
After that, they both let the reporters take pictures. Although Vivian refused to have interviews, she was still sensitive to cameras, and she wouldn't let everyone down.

Years ago many boys were crazy about Vivian, the Jade Girl Master. However, Vivian's appearance didn't draw much attention last night. Maybe it's because she dressed so casual, and she was sitting in the first row with James, so most people didn't spot her at all.

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