Vivian's Gossip Corner

Source : Apple Daily Newspaper - July 16, 1999; Translated by Bear.
Joe and Vivian are playing ball together, showing there is no problem between them.

Joe (to the reporters): "Go do something more meaningful."
1. Joe and Viv always keep their relationship low key, but this time they played badminton in a public place, proving that their relationship is in stable condition.
2.  Vivian and Joe played badminton in a gym that has a renting rate at HK $59/hr. (US $7.60/hr)
3. Hey, where's the ball?
4. I kill!
5. Holding the racket like a spatula ("wok chaan").
6. Joe walking out from the gym, looking angry to the reporters who took the pics.
7. Joe left first, leaving Viv and her female friend who still wanted to play a bit more.
8. Viv leaving the gym with her friend.
9. Joe used the racket cover to cover his face and told the reporters to: "do something more meaningful, young men!"

Created by Janice Lo
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