Deep V. 25 - Vivian Chow In Concert 2011
(March 20, 2011)


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I went to Vivian's concert shows on March 19 and March 20.

Here's the rundown for Vivian's concert on the 2nd night.

  Song name Title translation
紅河村 (sung by a little girl) Red River Village (sung by a little girl)
天荒愛未老 A Long and Lasting Love
孤單的心痛 Lonely Heartache
感情的分禮 Wedding of Feelings
流言 (duet with 蘇永康) Rumors (Mandarin) - duet with William So Wing Hong
  William So sings 男人不該讓女人流淚  
Medley(壞女孩 / 跳舞街 / 對你愛不完 / 自作多情) Medley: Bad Girl (Anita Mui's song) / Dancing Street (Priscilla Chan's song) / Love You Endlessly (Aaron Kwok's song) / One-sided Love
此情只待成追憶 (duet with 張敬軒) A Love To Remember (Anthony Lun and Sandy Lam's song) - duet with Hins Cheung King Hin
Hins Cheung sings 笑忘書  
秋櫻 Autumn Cherry Blossoms (Japanese) - Momoe Yamaguchi's ( 山口百惠 ) song
再見我的愛人 Goodbye My Love (Mandarin) - Teresa Teng's song
紅葉落索的時候 When the Red Leaf Falls
愛得太遲(duet with Leo Ku) Too Late to Love (duet with Leo Ku)
  Leo sings 勁歌金曲  
Medley(假裝 / 自動自覺 / 詛咒 / 借歪) Medley: Pretend / Automatic Actions / Curse / Move Out of the Way
* 13.
C'est la Vie C'est la Vie
* 14.
情迷 Lost in Love
不要驚動愛情 (duet with Sammi Cheng) Don't Disturb Love (Sammi Cheng's song) - duet with Sammi
Sammi sings 信者得愛 - featuring MC Yan  
Medley(歲月的童話 / 愛你多過愛他 / 鋼線之舞) Medley: Past Fairy Tale / Love You More Than I Love Him / Dance of the Steel Wires
盆栽 Bonsai
台下女主角 Offstage Leading Actress
美少女戰士 Sailormoon Theme Song
最愛 (Japanese version sung by 柏原芳惠) Beloved (Japanese version) - sung by Yoshie Kashiwabara
  Yoshie sings "Hello, Goodbye"  
* 21.
如果你知我苦衷 If You Knew My Reason
* 22.
留戀 Keep Love
最愛 Beloved
2nd Encore
為你 For You
天荒愛未老 A Long and Lasting Love

* Vivian shook hands with the audience.

3/20/11 - I arrived at the HK Coliseum at 4:02PM, just a couple of minutes AFTER Viv arrived at the I missed seeing her arrival. Luckily one of my friends took video of when Viv arrived... Viv had immediately walked into the venue after getting out of the mini van, so I didn't miss much. A few minutes later, some of us saw Viv's good friend Kenny..we asked if we could take a pix of her backstage pass..Kenny said ok, and so we did. I returned to the Coliseum at about 7:30PM, since I wanted to buy one more concert souvenir T-Shirt and Iphone cover, cuz I was wearing one of the concert T-Shirts that night and I might use one of the Iphone covers in the future, so I wanted another shirt and Iphone cover just to save as a souvenir. One of my friends asked me to help him buy Viv's newest EP with the album poster, but the EP already sold out the night before... however, they were selling the 2 album posters for HK$20 (US$2.57) each, so I bought both posters for my friend and sold my extra EP copy to him (I bought 2 EPs the night before just to get the 2nd poster).

If you only watched Viv's first show, then you missed out on seeing double the amount of guest performers on the 2nd show...Viv had 6 guests for the night! was like a "hug-fest" that night..hehe...every guest gave Viv a hug, sometimes more than once. I was sitting in the same section as the night before, but this time in the first row! (Thanks to Carmen for the great seats!! ) ...I don't think I'll ever be able to sit so close for any concert. Viv's husband Joe was sitting in the green section below the control panel again. The show started at about 8:30PM. The beginning of the concert was the same as last night, with photos of Viv being shown on the big video screen as Viv's good friend Cheng Dan Sui (ah Daan) asked the audience to turn off their cell phone ring tone and not to record any audio/video or take flash photography during the show. Then Sean Lau Ching Wan appeared on the big video screen (same as last night) and then the little girl appeared on stage to sing "Red River Village."

Next Viv appeared on stage standing on a big white paper plane model and was singing "A Long and Lasting Love." Fans were very excited when Viv appeared, and they let out a deafening scream. After this song, she sang "Lonely Heartache." On the night before, Lau Ching Wan appeared on the big video screen during the middle of the song to say some words, but tonight we all got a huge surprise..Lau Ching Wan appeared in person!! The audience was screaming very loudly when Ching Wan he said these words (same as what he said on the big screen the night before) : "Haan Mui (Thrifty Girl) told us what forever love is. It's just a beautiful fairytale. Your most beloved person will always be by your side. But I also want to tell Haan Mui, in this fairytale, you (Viv) would never feel lonely, because everyone here will whole-heartedly love you (Viv)." After he said those words, then he started throwing paper planes to the audience...and I had a feeling Viv's probably gonna start crying when she sees him throwing the paper planes, cuz it definitely brought back a lot of memories for us as the TV audience to see him throwing the paper planes..and yup, Viv started crying all right.. it must have been a major flashback for her. She couldn't sing while she was crying..after Ching Wan threw a couple of paper planes, I guess he noticed Viv had stopped singing, so he turned around and saw her crying and ran to the middle of the stage where Viv was standing to give her some tissues.. awww...what a gentleman!..hehe. ..and then he ran back to the edge of the stage to throw a few more paper planes to the audience. Viv couldn't finish the rest of the song while she was crying.'s only the 2nd song of the night and Viv is already's gonna be a busy night for the person who does Viv's makeup.

After the song, Viv was still crying and asked the audience to give a huge round of applause for Ching Wan... everyone applauded loudly. Ching Wan asked Viv if she could still sing, and if she can't, then he said he would sing..hahaha. Viv asked the audience if we were excited to see Ching Wan..and everyone screamed loudly. Ching Wan had given Viv one of the paper planes, so Viv tried to throw the paper plane to the was a pretty good throw..hehe. Ching Wan asked if everyone noticed Viv still looks the same as when she acted in "Greed of Man" (back in 1992), while he looks.... and Ching Wan waited for the audience to respond..the audience screamed and applauded loudly..and Viv asked Ching Wan if he could hear what the audience was screaming.. people were screaming "You're very handsome!" Viv said Ching Wan was handsome and more 'man' now. She asked the audience that since she and Ching Wan haven't changed in their looks, could they play the Haan Mui and Fong Chin Bok characters again in "Greed of Man" and if they still match?...and the audience screamed "yes!" Then Ching Wan said back then he could almost be considered as a 'Golden Boy' while Viv was the 'Jade Girl,' and now they're like "Beauty and the Beast"...haha..and Viv said Ching Wan doesn't look like a beast..hehe. Then Ching Wan said when Viv first contacted him to ask if he could be on her show, he thought she was joking, cuz nobody had ever asked him to meet together to throw paper planes..haha...and he wasn't sure if she was really asking him to meet or if she was telling him to throw paper planes. Viv explained she wanted to meet with him at the Coliseum to throw paper planes to the audience. Then Viv said the audience probably wasn't going to let him leave after only throwing paper planes...and Ching Wan asked the audience if they wanted to hear him sing..and the audience screamed, "Yes!" Then Ching Wan said he had actually prepared to sing...and the audience screamed...and Viv said, "Really?? I didn't even know!" But Ching Wan didn't actually sing live on stage..instead the big video screen played a clip from the "Greed of Man" TV series where Ching Wan and Viv were singing "Red River Village." After the video played, Ching Wan said this song was one of the most important things that happened in his life, and said it would best he left the stage before he started to cry. Then Ching Wan gave Viv a big hug and said, "I'm leaving now...take care Sui Poh (nickname Ching Wan's TV character used to call Viv in 'Greed of Man')!" ..and the audience laughed. Ching Wan then left the stage, and Viv said Ching Wan was filming a movie in the Mainland and especially came back to HK for her show to give her support and she said she's really thankful. Then Viv said Ching Wan is an entertainer that she really admires and she was very lucky to have worked together with him before.

The next song Viv sang was "Wedding of Feelings" fireworks during this song tonight. After this song, William So Wing Hong appeared and sang the Mandarin duet song "Rumors" with Viv. After the song, Viv and William talked a little.. Viv said she's known William ever since they both participated in the New Talent Singing Competition and has known him for more than 25 years. Then William said they've known each other for some 25 years, but they've never hugged he asked if he could hug her..haha...and Viv said, "of course!" they hugged each other. Viv said she's been looking forward to singing together with William for a long time...she said they worked at the same record company before, but they never had a chance to sing together on stage at the HK Coliseum. William then talked about how all the ladies in HK, including his girlfriend's mom, would ask the question of why Viv still looks the same after 20something years... and then he talked about how his looks have changed and the big video screen showed a photo of how he looked 20something years ago...there's a big difference..hehe..and the audience was laughing..and William said this was mankind's tragedy..haha. Then Viv said that William is not only a good singer, he's also got good taste (has a good fashion sense) and complimented him for what he was wearing that night. Then Viv said she should have found him to be her image designer for her concert. William said he could be her image designer for her 30th anniversary concert...and Viv said, "Wahh!..that's a long time from now.".. and the audience screamed.. William said he's sure her looks wouldn't change much after 5 years. She asked William what kind of idea he had for her image, and he said he was thinking to do Sandra Ng's image from the movie "All About Love" for Viv's concert image. She said she was really looking forward to it... and William said he would cut her hair short. Viv then said if she's fortunate enough to have another concert in 5 years, then she'll try to find him to do this image. William said he's never thought of Viv as a Jade Girl, cuz he's seen how she looked when she was a young girl...and then said that everyone thinks Viv is a Jade Girl, but she's not as simple as being a Jade Girl...he said she's also a very courageous person..cuz at the height of her career, she could give up everything and pursue the life that she wanted to live...he said he really admires her for this...and the audience screamed. William said that when Viv came back to HK and met with director Ann Hui, she put down her Jade Girl image to act in the movie "All About Love," and the most important thing was when she met the man in her life who was worth loving, she didn't care how much noise there was outside, she still loved him....William said this was very difficult to do in the entertainment business and said that's what he and the rest of the audience likes most about Viv...and the audience screamed. Then Viv started crying again...and William gave her another hug and then helped walk her to the middle of the stage and straightened her dress before she descended below the stage.

While Viv was backstage, William sang his Mandarin song 男人不該讓女人流淚. When he walked around the stage to shake hands with the audience, there was one person who stood up and gave him a was Vivian Lai Sui Yan. That's when I noticed Linda Wong Hing Ping and Vivian Lai in the audience. Towards the end of William's song, he asked the audience to keep an eye out for "Pork Thigh On's" (Andy Hui Chi On's nickname) concert in May...haha. After William's song, Viv came back on stage and sang Anita Mui's fast song "Bad Girl" while wearing the corset/lingerie-like outfit with a white coat tails jacket. Tonight I tried watching the big video screen during this song, since Viv's back was again towards us for this part, so we couldn't see her face unless we were watching the screen. But at least for tonight, she turned around to face us right before she took off her white jacket so we could see how the jacket looks like from the front. After Viv sang "Bad Girl," she took off her white jacket and the audience screamed, "Waaahhh!!" Viv then sang "Dancing Street"...during this song, Viv and the dancers were dancing around the outer edge of the 4-sided stage, so me and the fans who were sitting in the first row got a REALLY close-up view of Viv when she came by our side..hehe. After this song, Viv sang "Love You Endlessly" and then "ji jok doh ching" (One-sided Love). After she finished the song medley, she asked the audience similar questions as the night before..such as if we knew those songs she just sang...and asked how many people were 30 years old or younger, and how many people were 20 or younger...and both times a lot of people screamed.

Next, Viv talked about Hins Cheung King Hin and said that he's very talented, hard working, and also very caring. Hins then came on stage to sing the duet song "A Love To Remember" with Viv. After the song, Hins and Viv said similar things as the night before... Hins told Viv that he's listened to her songs ever since he was very little and did part of the dance steps (2 times) for Viv's song "ji jok doh ching" in front of the audience. Then Viv said she's really envious of Hins' middle part of his body, cuz he could eat a lot and his stomach would still be flat..and she didn't know how his waist could be so thin...and she said she'd like to have Hins' body shape. Hins then said his mom thinks he's malnourished, so that's why he looks thin. Then Viv said he should let her sponsor him (like the children she sponsors for World Vision)...hahaha.. and Hins talked about how when he and Viv went to visit Nepal, they saw many small 'Hins Cheung' children who looked like him everywhere on the street. Hins said after the trip to Nepal, he discovered that Viv wasn't like a Jade Girl or princess, and said she's a princess who doesn't have 'gung jue beng,' ('princess sickness') cuz she's a very strong person. Hins said that even when they came back from their trip to Nepal, Viv still insisted on attending the promotional events to talk about their visit while she was sick. Then Viv said she first noticed Hins because of his beautiful singing voice..and Hins responded back saying, "...because besides my voice, there's nothing about my looks that caught your attention."..and the audience laughed..and Viv said he looks rather cute, but his voice was more attractive, so she didn't pay as much attention to his looks...and his singing was very infectious. Then Viv went offstage and Hins sang his song 笑忘書 (Book of Laughter and Forgetfulness). Hins again changed the last part of his song to make it a "Vivian" version...singing, "previously... recalling the cute Vivian."

After Hins' song, Viv appeared and sang "Autumn Cherry Blossoms." After this song, Viv said she wanted to dedicate the next song to 2 of her very close family members who passed away recently.. her first dog (Ju Jai) and her first cat (Pal) who passed away during Chinese New Year this year. Viv started getting emotional and was choking up a bit. She said when they passed away, she was really sad and it was the lowest point of her life, and she even thought about not living anymore, but then she thought for a few days and came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of test she has to go through, she would persist in having her concert. The audience screamed and applauded loudly. Viv said she felt in her heart that they (her dog and cat) were in another place looking down at her and watching her performance. She was able to control her emotions and wasn't crying when she sang "Goodbye My Love" while the big video screen showed photos of her together with Ju Jai and Pal. After singing "Goodbye My Love," Viv sang "When the Red Leaf Falls."

After singing "When the Red Leaf Falls," Viv introduced the next guest, saying this person was very important to her, cuz he's almost appeared by her side at all of her important events in life. She said he's totally opposite of her, cuz she's very impatient, while he's laid back/calm, so when he's by her side, she felt very safe and very warm...she was talking about Leo Ku. Then Leo appeared and sang the duet song "Too Late to Love" with Viv. After this song, Viv said Leo startled her with his leopard print suit and asked him if he wore it especially for her. Leo said he's known Viv almost as long as everyone in the audience, but there's one thing he knows that most other people didn't know...he said Viv really likes to sing..and the audience laughs..(of course we know she likes to sing..haha).and then Viv said, "I truly really like to sing!" and Leo said those were his own words..hehe..and Viv said she likes singing more than him, cuz she could sing karaoke by herself for 8 hours! Then Leo said he has more evidence that Viv really likes to sing..and asked the audience how many watched Viv's previous concert...the majority of the audience screamed. Then Leo said for the past 2 years, Viv has been taking singing lessons with a vocal instructor to prepare for her concert this time (remember I said Viv's voice sounded stronger than before? we all know why!)...the audience screamed and applauded loudly. Hmm...since Viv took 2 years of singing lessons to prepare for this concert, it seems kind of a waste of her newly improved voice for her to only have 2 shows, don't you think? Viv then thanked her vocal instructor, Christine Samson, who was sitting in the audience..Viv started getting emotional again and was a little choked up.

Then Leo was telling jokes about how Viv would use her songs to express what she wanted to say...such as one time when Leo was playing mahjong and Viv was standing behind him, she started singing her song "If You Knew My Reason," but changed some of the words to tip off the other players on what mahjong tiles he had...or another time when Joe was at home and he was asleep and Joe's phone rang, then Viv would answer the phone singing, "If you're looking for my husband, Joe's asleep and is dreaming."...and the audience laughed. Leo had one more example, but he forgot it and had to look at his Leo sang, "If you like ah V, then scream loudly so it's more touching."...and everyone screamed loudly. Then Leo asked the audience to scream "Chow Wai Man, I love you" after Leo counted 3, 2,1 then everyone screamed "Chow Wai Man, I love you!!!" Then Viv thanked Leo for creating the concert souvenirs and said all the proceeds for the souvenirs would be donated to charity to help raise funds for the Yunan and Japan earthquake victims and asked the audience for their support. Viv said she thought Leo must be feeling hot wearing the leopard print suit, but Leo said he's not feeling that hot, cuz it's just a print like a stuffed animal toy and was fake. As Viv was leaving the stage, she said she's handing the stage off to "Gu Gui Paau" (Leopard Leo). Before Leo sang his own song, he said he had been a guest performer at other people's concerts many times before, but since his relationship with Viv was so special and deep, then he's not just going to sing one song only and instead would be singing 30 songs!...haha... then Leo sang his song 勁歌金曲 (Jade Solid Gold). He actually only sang half of "Jade Solid Gold"..he told the audience at the end that he would just be singing half of the song first and if there was a chance, then he would sing the 2nd half at his own concert in October.

After Leo left the stage, Viv appeared wearing the yellow mini-skirt and sang the songs "Pretend," "Automatic Actions," "Curse," and "Move Out of the Way." After the fast songs medley, Viv sang "C'est la Vie" and "Lost in Love" while shaking hands with the audience. Since I was in the first row this time, I didn't need rush out to the aisle beforehand to get a good spot..I just stood up and waited for Viv to walk around to our side and got her handshake .

After Viv sang "Lost in Love," she said in the past 25 years, she's been through many stages of growing up and it wasn't until she found Him (God) that she completely changed and had obtained an uncomparable peace and happiness. She said she also completely changed because of her next guest. Then Sammi Cheng appeared and sang "Don't Disturb Love" with Viv. After the song, Viv thanked Sammi for coming to her show, cuz Sammi just had a concert in Malaysia the night before and rushed back to HK today to appear at Viv's show. Then Viv said she and Sammi were really alike, such as the both of them having the same religion, they both started their careers with the New Talent singing competition and became a singer and then acted in movies and TV series, and they both liked cats and liked to paint. Then Sammi said Viv's paintings were much better than hers, and when she saw the painting of the elderly person that Viv did, she was wondering why Viv didn't become a painter and said Viv seemed to paint better than she sings..hahaha. Then Sammi said it's such a waste that Viv doesn't paint..and Viv said she'd think if there was a way for her to pursue being a painter. Viv also said there was one other thing that they were alike which she recently discovered.. Viv said, "You and I really like to eat soy sauce Western food"...the audience screamed..and Viv continued saying, "the Canto-Western dishes...such as pork thighs..salted ox tongue...I really like eating those...hahaha!!" (Viv was referring to Sammi and Andy Hui being spotted by reporters on a secret date before everyone knew they were back together as a couple...they were eating pork thigh and salty ox tongue dishes). The audience screamed and laughed. Then Sammi said, "I don't know how to respond to that...I'm embarrassed..haha." Then Viv said their looks were also very similar, and Sammi replied, "Not really.. your body shape is more 3-dimensional than mine"..(audience laughs)...I really want to look like you." Then Viv told Sammi to take a look at the big video screen and there was a video of Sammi and Viv acting as twins when they performed as guests during the 1992 New Talent Singing Competition show. (Thanks to Willy for the photo!) While they were watching the video, Sammi said, "Look at my's 3 times as thick as Viv's.... you see the dress?..yours is really thin and mine is like a foot in embarrassing." Then Viv said, "That's why I think you look so great now...and so fit .it's outrageous."... and the audience screamed and applauded. Then Viv went offstage and Sammi said a few words before singing her song...Sammi said she didn't know why every person who had a concert this year would find her to be a guest performer..and said being a guest so often made her lose a lot of money, cuz she had to pay to do her hair and makeup, buy a costume, and pay car fare...haha. Then Sammi said, "I really wanted to have a concert this year at the Coliseum, but it's all fully booked.. next year, you guys come to my show, ok? 2012 before the world ends, you come watch my show..hahaha." Sammi then sang 信者得愛 (Love for the Believer) and invited MC Yan on stage as well. If you saw the audiences reaction when Sammi was singing this song, you would have thought this was a Sammi concert and not a Viv concert..haha..people were really high...standing up, clapping and yelling.

After Sammi's song, Viv came back on stage wearing the dress with a zebra-like pattern and sang a medley of her songs, "Past Fairy Tale," "Love You More Than I Love Him," and "Dance of the Steel Wires." After singing "Dance of the Steel Wires," Viv thanked the sponsors, the band, the guests, the dancers, etc....and especially thanked everyone in the audience. Then Viv sang "Bonsai"..she didn't cry tonight while singing this song. After singing "Bonsai," Viv said she would be singing her last song for the night, "Offstage Leading Actress," but we knew this wasn't actually her last song..there's still the encore part.

Viv came back on stage a few minutes later, and just like last night, fans went CRAZY when she appeared wearing a purple mini-skirt and singing the "Sailormoon Theme Song." After this song, Viv talked a little bit about the next song she would be singing and said the song had about 20 years of history and was written by a friend she really respected, Leslie Cheung. Then the music started playing for "If You Knew My Reason" and a few seconds later, we heard Leo Ku's voice yelling, "Wait!..wait!".and he came back out on stage. The audience screamed loudly, as we're all wondering what was about to happen next. Then Leo said Viv doesn't know what's going to happen during the next part...and then he said, "Look at Viv...with her 'O' shaped mouth (surprised look)....she looks so cute!"....haha. Leo reminded everyone about how during Viv's last concert he was the 'bad boy' and brought someone on stage to scare her and gave her a big surprise (Joe)..and then Leo said he also brought someone tonight to give her a big surprise..and then Viv tried to look for Joe in the audience, but Leo said it wasn't Joe..and everyone laughed.

Then Leo counted down 3, 2,1..and in the middle of the stage appeared 柏原芳惠 ( Yoshie Kashiwabara ) singing the Japanese version of Viv's song "Beloved." Viv screamed when she saw Yoshie and said, "Didn't she already leave [HK]?" Viv immediately started crying and then walked over to Yoshie to give her a hug and held onto Yoshie's hand for the rest of the song. Meanwhile, Leo was standing near them and clapping along to the song together with the audience. Everyone gave a big round of applause at the end of the song. Viv was saying thank you to Yoshie and wanted to say more to her, but there was no translator there to help them communicate with each other. Then Leo said after seeing the 2 of them being so emotional, he felt like he was a lightbulb (being a third wheel) then Leo invited the Japanese-Cantonese translator on stage. The translator said Yoshie was saying that yesterday Viv and the audience gave a lot of encouragement to the Japanese people, so today she felt she needed to be there to show Viv her support. Then Yoshie said a few more words, translated to, "Today is your 25th anniversary.. for your 30th, 35th, 40th anniversary, I hope you will still be active and come out to see everyone." The audience applauded and screamed loudly, and Yoshie, through the translator, said, "Everyone please show your support for Viv"..and the audience screamed. Then Leo said Viv didn't know anything about this part of the show, and said when Yoshie was rehearsing a few days ago, Viv was watching off stage and was so touched that she cried. Leo then said, "Originally Yoshie was scheduled to go back to Japan today after last night's performance, but we wanted to give Viv a surprise, so all of the workers really wanted to invite Yoshie to the show... asking if she could change her airplane ticket and stay in HK for one more night. So for these past couple days, I had to hold in this secret and be the 'bad boy' and not tell Viv about it. Everyone please give a big round of applause to Yoshie to thank her." Then Viv said, "Everyone please give your loudest applause to thank her. Thank you so much [Yoshie].. and thanks everyone for giving me an unforgettable 25th anniversary.. thank you all!"..and everyone was screaming and applauding. Then Viv and Leo went offstage as Yoshie sang an upbeat/happy song, "Hello, Goodbye."

Viv returned on stage after Yoshie's song and sang "If You Knew My Reason" and shook hands with the audience...I shook hands with Viv again..hehe . Next, she sang "Keep Love" and continued shaking hands with the audience. After singing "Keep Love," Viv said she would be singing her last song for the night and said she really loved us..and then sang "Beloved." Since Viv had a 2nd encore the night before, we certainly weren't going to leave after she sang "Beloved" a few minutes later Viv reappeared on stage again. She said, "Thank you everyone. I'm really happy tonight. Are you guys happy?" Everyone screamed, "Yes!" Then she said, "During this concert, every guest said my looks haven't changed much. Actually it's a lot of pressure. There's no one whose appearance would never change. I would like to ask, if one day all my hair has turned white and I have wrinkles all over my face, would you still support me?" Everyone screamed, "Yes!" and she said, "Really??"..and everyone screamed, "Yes!" Then Viv sang her song "For You." The audience still didn't want to leave after Viv finished her were still screaming for another encore. Then Viv said, "We're already over time.. are you planning to stay with me until the morning?" The audience screamed, "Yes!" and Viv said, "I go to sleep in the're not as strong as me... can you do it?...and the audience screamd, "Yes!" Then Viv asked, "But we can't do this. Uhmm..what song do you want me to sing? 'Crazy Heart Changes to a Deeper Love?' that ok?.. how about I sing whatever song Anthony (the music director) plays, cuz I don't know what sheet music he has." Then Anthony started playing the music for "A Long and Lasting Love," so Viv's final song of the night was "A Long and Lasting Love." The concert ended at around 11:38PM.

After the concert ended, I went to check if there were still any vendors outside of the Coliseum selling Viv's concert pictures..the vendors were still there, but the pictures were selling out fast! People were pushing and shoving to buy the photos. I bought the last set from one of the vendors and my friend bought the last set from the other vendor...we got lucky. Then some of the fans and I were standing outside of the yellow gate, trying to decide if we should wait for Viv at the yellow gate or go to the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel where the after-concert celebration party was being held. Unfortunately there was no fans gathering this time at the party like we did after Viv's 2006 concert, so we knew if we went to the hotel, we would just be seeing her walk into the restaurant or leave the restaurant and that's all...we wouldn't be able to see what was going on at the press con/after-concert party. Since there were a lot of people standing in front of the yellow gate, we decided to stand at the entrance of the Coliseum parking lot, hoping to catch Viv's attention when she was leaving the parking lot... that was a bad choice.. we should have stayed at the yellow gate, since there weren't as many people standing there that night compared to the previous night, probably because the next day was a Monday and most people had to go to work the next day. So when Viv came out of the Coliseum to wave to the fans and sign a few autographs, we couldn't really see what was happening since we were standing so far away..and then when Viv got into the mini-van to take her to the hotel for the party, we could only just wave to her as the mini-van drove by.

After Viv's mini-van left the parking lot, some of us walked to the hotel which was right next to the HK Coliseum, hoping we'd still have a chance to see Viv leave the party, since we knew we wouldn't get there in time to see her arrive to the party. So after we got to the hotel, we just stayed in the hotel lobby and waited until the press con and party ended (Thanks to Duck for the photo on the left!) .. at least there was a place for us to sit while we waited. But a lot of us were just standing at the restaurant entrance most of the time, cuz we didn't know exactly when Viv would be leaving and we didn't want to miss seeing her leave. We waited until about 2:00AM for Viv to leave the party. At first the fans made a human pathway from the restaurant to the hotel's front door and had planned for Viv to walk through this pathway when she left. But when Viv came out, most of the fans moved forward towards her and started surrounding her, trying to get an autograph or photograph, so the pathway wasn't really there until she got more closer to the door. With a heavy heart, especially for us overseas fans, we waved good-bye to Viv as she got into the mini-van, not knowing when would be the next time we would get to see her or if we would ever get to see her perform at her own concert again. Let's hope this isn't Viv's last concert.

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