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When I went back to HK for winter break, I was lucky enough to see Vivian perform live on stage once again! On December 15, 1996, Vivian along w/ Aaron, Sammi, Ekin, Hacken Lee, Jeff Chang, Amanda, Zen, Gigi Leung, and Ronald Cheung participated in an outdoor concert held at a track/soccer stadium near Ocean Park. Well, I took about 30 pictures of Viv, but only a few sort-of came out. However, to my surprise, only 2 days after the concert, these lovely pix you see here were already on sale at the photo shops in MongKok. WOW, talk about fast!

Viv sang 3 songs in the concert: "Time", "Full Heartedly Full Meaning", and "C'est la Vie". If you want to hear a little clip of the concert, then click HERE. (you'll need RealAudio) Keep in mind that this is the first show which Viv appeared in after she was seen at the airport w/ Joe Ngai.
Sorry for the bad sound quality. This is what I get for recording from the camcorder tape...yes, I had a video camera w/ me at the concert.

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